Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our 2nd Rabbit booth sale

LZ admit, its been quite awhile since I updated this blog of mine... been pretty busy with things I guess.

Anyway, I assure you all that Rock & Roll Bunnies is still "alive and kicking". Currently, we are in the middle of planning to upgrade a few things... Financially, marketing strategy, rabbit cells upgrading, establishing ourselves within the Johore Bahru public etc. Part of it maybe by joining up or better yet making an alliance with other breeder friends here on increasing our sales...such as setting up sales booth at strategic spots around the city.

With that idea, LZ has participated in a 1 day event at Sek. Keb. Kempas Baru, Johor Bahru which took place on Saturday, 26th June 2010. And with help from friends, we managed to gather some stocks to be put on sale for the event..

LZ opened for business at around 8.30am that day. Since it was a school event, so they were lots of school kids with their parents. There were lots of inquiries by the visitors & there were times I had my hand full attending to sales & questions by them since LZ was alone at the booth and the kids weren't there yet to help out. It was a hot day & a good day too. On that day, we sold 10 local breed (DSH), 2 Lionheads & 2 Lop Ears and some accessories too. The booth were closed at around 4pm. 

By the way, guess what...? On the next day (Sunday), we even had visitors coming over to purchase our rabbits..!! Good, aint it? ;)

LZ would like to take this apportunity to thank the organising committee by letting us participate in the event and most of all to promote ourselves. 

From the bottom of LZ's heart..
Thank You Very Much 

For Sale

1 pair of Lop Ears left
Hurry before they're

3 months old DOE

3 months old BUCK

**For inquiries please call :
019 7548680 Led Zepp
(SMS or text messages will not be entertain.)