Friday, April 23, 2010

Peristiwa-peristiwa sepanjang bulan Mac & April (update 3)

One step after another & one thing at a time....

Once again LZ is keeping busy since four of the does wasn't producing (kindle). Accept for Estelle which kindled on April 9th, giving birth to 7 cute bunnies but unfortunately 1 died. This is due to the fact that the baby was lying on the wet ground after birth maybe it fell off the cage. The other 6 babies are 2 weeks old now. However for the 3 Lionhead does, 1 Dwarf Hotot & 1 Cashmere Lop were re-bred and expect to kindle sometime mid May.

These belongs to Estelle when they were only 10days old. Even eyes are not openned yet...

So LZ is finding other thing to do. Such as...... Ah yes! Time to package the rabbit compost. Yea...the compost that was made since the 1st time the rabbitry project started which was in August 2009. Actually the compost were ready to be packed quite sometime ago. Its just the timing wasn't right... We had it tested, yes tested... We gave out some of the compost to neighbours that love to plants flowers in their front lawn as hobbies. Now it is proven to be very good for the plants. So far we managed to pack up to 42 packets of rabbit compost with the weight of 2kg per bagR&RB plans to sell them for the price of RM10/= each. Actually LZ is having a bit of a problem to decide on the price tag... When browsing thru the net to check on the market price of rabbit compost. What LZ found out was that some are expensive selling at RM4/= for a mere 400gm bag while some are very affordable at the price of RM4/= per/kg. See how far is the difference? So after giving it much taugths, LZ decide to play safe and plans to sell at the above proposed price which is RM10/= for a 2kg plastic bag.

Now we are planning to proceed with the 2nd run of producing more rabbit compost as the source for raw materials are very easily obtained. As a matter of facts, the 1st step of making compost which is to dry the rabbits dropping are already taken place.

Here are pictures of the packed compost & the label that is still on the "drawing board" to be finalised & ordered soon. 

That's it for now as LZ already ran out of ideas to write some more & hope to bring more updates for you guys.....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Peristiwa-peristiwa sepanjang bulan Mac & April (update 2)

On the 2nd & 3rd of April, we at R&RB were fortunate enough to be given an oppotunity to participate in the "Program Juara Rakyat Parlimen Pulai/MBJB bersama Tabung Haji" as it was a last minute deal. The venue was right here in the neighbourhood. Actually all the booth were fully booked. LZ only knew about the function only 3 days before. However, we managed to open up a booth as this would be like a door of opportunity for us to introduce & to promote ourselves to the residence in here and those residing in the nearby area.

LZ would like to personally thank En. Nazleen Abdul Jabbar for instantly giving us the chance without having to take time considering our application. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

The 2 days program started in the morning till later in the day. There were a lot of booth from various government agencies and also from private sectors paricipating as well. There were also activities held such as futsal competition, games for kids & adults as well organised by the respective organiser. Unfortunately, the weather was not a friendly one. It rained on both days. On the first day it rained in the evening and on the second day it started raining early in the morning.

The response towards R&RB were good by rabbits/pets lovers & visitors alike. There were times our booth were full with on lookers. Even though sales wasn't as expected, it was a really good experience for us. As LZ consider it as a stepping stone for other oppotunities. LZ took a positive approach towards the end to the 2 days event.

There were some nice & not so nice incidents during the 2 days. One of the nice experience was LZ able to gave out some informations about rabbits to the visitors on rabbits characters, behavior & deseases and also gained some new friends too. The not so nice ones well..... but will be remembered for a long time by LZ was about this lady that came on the last day of the event.

There was this one particular lady came with 2 of her sons. She claimed to have rabbit(s) for pet. Dressed in a typical malay "muslimah" outfit. No make up, with glasses & a "tudung labuh". She came, looked around & started asking questions.... She also mentioned about coming across our blog ( while browsing thru the net. When LZ told her that the blog is ours, the expression on her face changed and instantly denies if she knew who is the owner of the blog and the best part was that Rock & Roll Bunnies is not located here in Kempas, JBHAHAHA!! What a JOKE! As LZ showed her the R&RB's  banner, still with a sceptic look as if me LZ, a FAKE  She only admits when LZ gave her a name card & asked her to visit the blog & check on the handphone numbers stated on the card & also on the blog.... Another incident with this same lady was when a certain someone came over with his 2 bunnies to get a shot for both of his bunnies due to fungus problem. She asked how much was the charges for the shots. As LZ told her that it was RM15/=.... Again her expression changed & said; "mahalnya...! Kalau kat Veterinar (goverment owned) baru RM3....". (Quote: Just think for a second, if you go to a goverment hospital how much does it cost compared to a Specialist Hospital?). When asked..where she lives, she only said,"adalah...ada lah.."  Who does she think I am..a thief? For God sake!

LZ would like to take this opportunity to say something to YOU, if you are reading this, you know who you are... As a matter of fact, as this is my blog... I can say what ever I want!! 

"Dear Pn. Muslimah, I know that you are a highly educated, a retired high ranked goverment officer with the Imigration Dept., with a very very good monthly pension and a highly paid husband that lives in a bungalow (believe me, I know where you live). Unfortunately, the way you acted the other day does not reflect the way you are dressed and the brain that Allah has bestowed upon you. Its a damn shame because I know what type of a person you are from the very first time you openned up your mouth. A type of person that judge a person by the outlook & looked down on others that doesn't suits you, a sceptic & a critic. Just because you madam, are dressed in that manner... you think you are closer to Allah? Yes, I may have long hair and I wears as I wish. Heck! I'm a true blue ol' skool rocker!  For all I know, maybe....just maybe...You madame when come election don't even vote for the ruling goverment & yet you 'grab' your monthly pension without giving it a second taught!!! But one thing for sure, I thank Allah everyday for not letting me be a hypocrite like yourself!!!  Kesian...kesian.. Some people do have the nerve......WTF!"

So, what need to be said is said & what's done is done.... Now lets look at some photos taken during the event.

The newly made banner....just in time for the event.


The front view of the booth. Right after finished setting up.


The displayed stock.
Who is this guy?  Is that me.....?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Peristiwa-peristiwa sepanjang bulan Mac & April (update1)

Assalammualaikum semua, LZ kembali dengan paparan baru setelah lama tak "posting".

2 bulan sudah berlalu, banyak perkara telah berlaku...macam-macam. Apa pun, syukur alhamdulillah ke hadrat Allah s.w.t. kerana dengan limpah kurnia rezekiNya anak-anak arnab telah banyak terjual. Hanya tinggal beberapa ekor saja lagi yang masih berada dalam simpanan....iaitu MMLH001D & MMLH003B, kedua-duanya dari baka Doublemane Lionhead. (Sila rujuk posting sebelum ini.) Tapi bagi MMLH005D (juga Doublemane Lionhead), LZ memang dari sejak awal lagi tidak berhasrat untuk menjualnya. Ini kerana sifat luarannya yang amat menarik tidak seperti dua lagi adik beradiknya yang sedikit kurang. Sekarang MMLH005D telah kami namakannya dengan gelaran AMOOI... sebabnya ialah kerana ianya 'doe' dan matanya yang sedikit sepit (get it?!)

Inilah foto-foto AMOOI. Cutekan? Sekarang Amooi telah berusia hampir mencecah 4 bulan, Lahir pada 30/12/2009. Ada sesiapa yang berkenan? Hehehehe...Tak dapat Jack!!!

Hmm..apa lagi ek? Ah...yes! Ada seekor lagi yang lahir pada 03/01/2010, kelahiran pertama pada tahun 2010...sebenarnya 3 ekor semuanya iaitu anak-anak "Princess".  Malangnya 2 lagi tidak dapat bertahan. Seekor yang LZ maksudkan ialah TIGRA (MMLH008B), Yes! Tigra "the miracle baby bunny". Alhamdulillah, Tigra juga dapat membesar dengan sihat. Apabila Tigra & Amooi mencapai usia matang kelak, LZ akan jadikan mereka induk untuk menghasilkan lebih banyak lagi baka-baka Doublemane Lionhead yang 'authentic' ini kerana Tigra juga dari jenis baka yang sama.

Amacam... Comel jugak Si Tigra ni kan? Sebenarnya Tigra ni jenis Tri-colour & berbelang corak warnanya. Bayangkan kalau Amooi dikahwinkan dengan Tigra ni....? Perrghhh!! Harap-harap menjadi.... Amin.