Monday, October 12, 2009

2 Death In One Day

Today Oct. 12th (9.30am), one of Lola's kits..the dark gray one, (havent got a chance to named it yet) was found lying helpless on the floor of its cage. It just barely breathing and the lower part of the body was wet. There was nothing much I can do to save it. My assumption was that maybe while drinking from the bowl, he got suffocated in some way. So sad.... wish I was there to save it. It will be 1 month old in two days which is Oct. 14th. 

One of Lola's

The other was one of Lily's, the smallest & skinniest of the litter due to lack of milk from the mummy. I came home at 4.45pm and already planned to milk it manually later in the day actually but unfortunately I was too late. Anyway, I just have to accept the fact that they're both gone for good. All I have to do now is to take good care of the other 5 in the bunch so that they'll grow up healthy.

One of Lily's.

Please Ya Allah, let the rest survive & grow up healthy.

~ Amin ~

Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Family Are Expending - 6 More RnRB Originals And Another 3 New Addition

In The Name Of ALLAH, The Most High The Supreme

Yesterday morning, arrived home at around 6.55am after sending my wife to work & daughter to school, before entering the house... I went to the rabbit shack just to check on Lily wondering if there is any changes on her behaviour. She was suppose to kindled on the Oct. 2nd actually, unfortunately she never did.... But to my surprise what I found out she was in the middle of giving birth! I was really surprised because I've forgotten to put back the nest box (after cleaning). Yikes!!! I can see two or three kits lying around on the wire mesh floor of the cage... without further delay, I straight away rushed to get the nest box that was intended for her. With my bare hand, I picked up two of the kits and placed them in the box. It was a new experience for me to have done that... It was wet and sticky but I dont mind. My intention was for that the babies to be safely put in a proper place. After doing so, I rubbed my fingers on Lily's nose (as what was adviced by the experts) so that she will not ignore the two that I've touched with my bare hand.

At the time, I noticed that Lily was giving birth to the rest of her litter, there were blood and also pieces of flesh from the kindling process. I grabbed myself a cotton glove so that I'm able to put the rest inside the box. So I started to pick one by one. Phew...luckily everything turned out ok, hope that Lily will not neglect the newly born due to my own carelessness. Mother and litter seems to be healthy and that is a good sign.

Now, Lily and Leo are proud parents of 6 newly born and their colours seems to be a mixture of black & white. Guess what? There are 2 kits which really caught my eye, its like this 2 are wearing "WOLVERINE's" (of Ex-MEN) mask. HAHAHAHA!!

I've taken some shots after the kindling process was satisfactoryly done by Lily for your viewing "pleasure". HEHE...!

Ah tired. Taking a nap after coming out of mummy's womb. Now can you guys spot  "Wolverine"?

This was a second birth here at RnRB and  I feel so delighted and relieved for being able to assist Lily to gather up the litter. As for Lola's kits, they are growing and developing well.  Here are current photos of Lola's kits.

Another good thing was that we've have also added 3 more new family members, yes.. They are Double Mane Lion Heads. The LH was given to us by a really wonderful  friend (En. Rahim). He was kind enough to surrender them as he is planning to focus on breeding Fuzzy Lops.

Cute and so adorable....aren't they? Since all are does, now I've to find atleast a buck for all 3 of them. Anyone got any pedigree Doule Mane buck ready to be mate???
Syukur ke hadrat Allah Subhanahuwa Taala, dengan limpah kurniaNYA yang Maha Pemurah....
~ AMIN ~