Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our 1st Batch of Rock & Roll Bunnies

Lets talk about the bunnies today. Asyik cerita pasal progres pun bosan jugakkan. Ada rasa kecewa dengan bengang jugak ni, sebab hari ni xde benda yang dibuat. Walhal jaring BRC 2"x 2" pagi2 lagi dah dibeli.

Hari ni Isnin 27hb, permulaan minggu yang baru. Bangun macam biasa la...nak hantar Mrs pergi kerja pukul 6.30 pagi konon. Tapi sayang seribu kali sayang.... :-( kereta pulak tak bley start. Puas aku pulas 'starter'. Sah! bateri kong ni......padahal malam sebelumnya baru keluar balik rumah pukul 10 malam. Nasib baik jugak tak kena malam tadi, Kalau x haru-biru kepala hotak aku ni!! So terpaksalah wife aku pergi kerja naik cab.

Lebihkurang pukul 8.30 pagi, call kawan aku Ain, supervisor kat woksyop kereta yang dekat dengan rumah. Aku mintak dia hantar foreman kat rumah aku & suruh bawak bateri sekali. Mamat tu sampai rumah dekat pukul 9pg. Perrgghh! koyak aku pagi ni...RM140 terbang macam tu je. Nak buat macam mane? Memang dah tiba masa hayatnya. Dah o.k. je kereta tu, aku pun terus bersiap untuk keluar nak pergi cari barang la, apalagi....! Semangat nak siapkan shack aku tu.

Jaring BRC 2"x 2" dah ade, aku terus call si Anik kalau dia boleh datang habiskan kerja yang tinggal sikit je tu. Nak pacak tiang untuk frame pintu. So aku pun bolehla habiskan pasang plastic netting hitam dengan jaring dawai yang baru beli tadi. Tapi Anik macam ade kerja lain la plak... x bleh confirm dtg rumah ari ni.

Sampai je rumah, aku panggil anak aku Fina (ponteng skola ari ni sbb kreta rosak..hehe!) Aku nak ajak dia pergi amik bunnies lagi... dekat je, masih dalam kawasan kejiranan aku, Rumah Haji Musa (Pengerusi Surau). Si Ira pulak dah bangun (pun sama ponteng). Ira pun nak ikut jugak... Bawa je la!

Lepas bincang sikit, Haji Musa 'offer' aku seekor doe sekali dengan 4 ekor anak2 yang baru berumor nak masuk 3 minggu dengan harga yang amat berpatutan. Doe ni bulunye putih penuh, lebat dan panjang sedikit dari yang biasa. Saiz pun macam lebih besar sikit. Tapi Pak Haji tu pun tak tahu breed apa. Sesape yang tahu, tlg bg jawapan...... (Ni kire mcm test korang punyer expertise la...hahaha!) Anak2 aku bagi name die "Dolly", tengok pic kat bawah ni :-

Lepas tu, ade satu lagi.... Doe yang warna hitam ngan sekor anak yang blum celik mata. Tu pun die nak jual gak, aku pun amik je la..... Amik je?! hehehe! bayar gak tu.... Tapi si Itam ni mcm x tau jage anak la, terpakse aku buat manual feeding. Yang itam ni "Ariel" namenyer...

1st pair yang aku bawak balik pada hari Sabtu, dah mula rasa selesa di rumah baru. Yang betina umur 2 bln stngah, Fina bagi nama, "Lola". Sempena nama Lola Bunny (dalam animated movie "Space Jam"). Comel gak si Lola ni....walaupun local breed.

Skrg, tiba masenye aku kenalkan dengan 'Main Buck' aku, "LEO". Nama ni anak sulung aku yang bagi. Aku pun rasa sesuai ngan nama tu, Leo bermaksud Lion (Singa). Singa tu kan raja rimba... So, LEO will be the King of my rabbitry. Si Leo ni aku tengok aktif semacam, kekadang tu ade tunjuk "angin" dia jugak.... Tu tak kisah la.... He's the King!

Now I present to you all..... King Leo the 1st! Tot toTot......!! (bunyi trumpet tu!)

Untuk percubaan pertama, aku akan kawenkan Leo dgn Ariel. Maybe this coming Saturday. So lets hope for the best!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Work In Progress - Day 8 (Completed Shack)

Yeah...!! Its Sunday, just a few more addtional accessories for the shack. Gonna install the black plastic net as the wall of the shack and also the 2"x 2" (4 feet high) galvanised wire mesh which will act as an additional protection against any unwelcomed "guests"..... Works started at around 10.30am with help from the kids.....Fiqa, Fina & Ira (as for Ira, well ntah ape yg die bley tlg pun aku x tau...hehehe!) Atleast she can helps to keep LEO & LOLA company. Yes, Leo & Lola our 1st pair of "rock & roll bunnies". I brought them home yesterday. I'll tell more about them later...

I've managed to finish the job at about 6pm, but unfortunately I'm not able to complete it today due to some certain matters (hope Anik can help get it done tomorrow). Just a few more feet to put up the plastic netting and the wire mesh. Last but not least...the enterance 'gate'. When the so called gate is installed......The shack will be completely done!

The shack with plastic netting...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Work In Progress - Day 7

I woke up at 6.30am today, send the mrs to work....got home and then woke up 2 of my daughters Fiqa & Fina. They promised me lastnite that they're going to help me to do some chores today.

We started by cleaning up an unused water tank (as a storage for the rabbit feed or pellet). While the kids are doing the cleaning, I took the time to make 12 pcs of plywood plank to be install inside the cells for the bunnies to lay their fragile body. At about 9am, me & Fina went to the shop where I previously purchased the roof to inform them about the problem at hand & to exchange them according to specification. I've mentioned about the problem with the roofing in my previous post yesterday. At the same time, I ordered a sack of cement & a yard of grinded sands to hold & keep the pillars in place.

Now come to the exciting part, which is to pick up our very 1st pair of rock & roll bunnies from an individual pet lover. I've already made an arrangement with the owner a few weeks earlier that I'm interested to buy a pair from her. Its was a Domestic Short Hair (DSH) a.k.a local breed rabbits.
Called her up earlier this morning that I'm coming over today to pick them up.We arrived at her place at around 9.45am, and guess what? I was caught by surprise.... The promised doe had given birth to 8 litters about a week earlier!!! Damn! I should've pick 'em up a lot sooner..... Unfortunately now, the doe is not for sale. So the only thing to do is to get a different one, for that I've chosen a 2 months old doe & a 4 months old buck as our new family members.

We were back at home by 10.45am, just in time to wait for the goods to arrive. The supplier promised that they'll send over the materials by 11am like what I requested and they lorry driver did arrive around that time. I called up Anik (the friend I hired to build the shack for me), to let him know that he and his "crew" will be able to continue with the construction of the said shack.

Now back to the unfinished chores. Wait a second...! did I mentioned that me & Fina were welcomed home by Fiqa & Ira ( my 5 yrs old daughter)?, they were waiting for us anxiously to get their hands on the bunnies. What a joy to have seen them smile excitedly when they first lay their eyes on the bunnies. Ira was so excited that she starts to get hyper....LOL!

However, there are still things need to be done.... the washed unused water tank is now dry but need some repairs. There are three holes on it, one is on the floor and 2 on the side of the tank. What I need to do is to cover up the holes so that nothing will be able to sneak in especially the mice and rats...... I've used 8 pieces of vinyl material, 3 to cover for the inside, and from the outside of the tank. I got the job done & shifted it to the back of the house as a storage compartment for the pellets.

I'm sure that you guys are bored with the details.... hahahaha! What do I care?! Okay la...just kidding around. So underneath as usual are the photos I've taken today. Alhamdulillah it is now bulit.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Work In Progress - Day 6 (The Shack)

The first part of the rabbitry project is completed which is making the rabbit hutch. I do find the cages to be quite nice actually. Now come the second part which is to build the shack. For this part, I've engaged a carpenter to finish the job. The carpenter I hired is Anik, who is also a friend.

Anik came by at around 9.30am today due to the rain. Yeah, the rain almost down my spirit a bit because I'm afraid that Anik wont be able to start today. Fortunately, it stopped at about 9 am, thank You Allah... When Anik came, I thought he'll be alone but he came with two other guys.
After making a few measurement here and there, they start to dig some holes for the pillars, cutting the woods, hammering...etc, etc.. The best part to see them at work is that they were laughing & joking around with one another. That's O.K with me, as long as they're doing their job right. One by one pillars for the shack were positioned to its place. Since today is a Friday, they took a break at around 12noon to clean up & get ready for Friday prayer and definitely for lunch. Work will resume after prayers at around 2.30pm. Same goes with me, I too have to go for Friday prayer right after I send my daughter Fiqa to school.

I got home from the mosque at about 10 minutes before 2pm, had my lunch and have a rest. Approximately at 2.30pm the crew came to continue with what was left earlier. Works was going smoothly and I really thought that they might be able to finish it today. Cool...!

Suddenly, while I was on the phone with a friend, I was called by Anik. So I went to see him, to see what its all about. Anik told me that there's a problem with the roof. They noticed that the roof of different lenght (7 feet & 8 feet) wont be able to be joint nicely due to alignment on are not of the same size. Honestly, I was a bit frustrated with that. The only thing to do is to call up the supplier and get them to changed the roof with the same kind. And so I did.... However the supplier can only deliver them tomorrow since its already quite late (nearly 5pm). Just what I dont need...a setback! As for Anik & friends, they only able to continue with what ever can be done at the time. By 6pm, they stopped and went home.

Here are the photos of what they managed to do today..................

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Work In Progress - Day 5 (The cage is done)

Hey hey..!! its day 5, which means today is the day that the cage will be done & ready for it's "tenants". But like I said, will only bring in the bunnies (rock & roll bunnies, that is!) once the shack that covers the cages are completed. So the bunnies will have better & proper protection from the rain & ofcourse the scorching heat from the sun.

Btw, for those whose been visiting this blog (blog yg x sepertinyer ni.. hehe!), such as : deHan2, Artnab, Ery Clunx, LebaiCute & others.... thanks a lot for your comments guys!! Assalammualaikum & Salam perkenalan dari orang Johor.
So back to where we were....lets see the finished product, 12 units, 2 storey bunny condo called "Villa Rock Pellets" (bole ke name tu?! huahuahua!!).
Condo konon..! klu apartment ok la kot.... (size per cell is only 2.5 x 1.5 x 1.5)

The work on the shack will start tomorrow Friday July 24th..... Updates coming up!! Wait for it.

Work In Progress - Day 4

July 22nd 2009 - It was raining (drizzling, i mean) since around 8.00am and I thought that my friend Wak Dar will not be coming over to continue with building the hutch. Guess what? I was wrong....he showed up at the door about 8.45am. We chattered for awhile on what to do. Well basicly, just to continue with what was the last thing that was done the day before.
First is to fix the wire partition for the cells on the upper level, then to make the doors & put them on the cells. Hope we'll managed to finish all the doors today.

Even though it was raining, we kept on with our plan to finish the job. At around 10am the rain stopped and what a relief for us. Finishing up with the partition like what was planned.
Making the doors was quite a bit fussy in order for the doors to fix properly onto the frames... measurements needs to be done on each cell. Noon time, stopped for a break....lunch & solat.
At the end of the day, only 8 doors were able to be attached, while 4 had to be done tomorrow. I'm so excited coz tomorrow the cage will be ready for its tennants once the poo slide are attached. (Take a look at the photos, cool huh?!)
But not so soon, because the works to builds the shack to shades the cages will only starts on Friday.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Work In Progress - Day 3

Gosh...!! Its 1.20am Tuesday morning, must've dozed off after dinner last night.
Just completed solat Isyak and now feeling awake. Guess I better do some updates,

Anyway, since yesterday(Day 3) was a Monday which is a working day for most of us, the cage works might get a little delay. (atleast that's what I thought).

Soon after coming home from work, I straight away sneaked to the back of the house to check on the progress. My friend Wak Dar (the one that's been helping me) had already went home.

These are the things that he managed to do while I was at work.

Wow! He managed to do a lot....fixing the frames for the partition of each cell and as for the lower level the BRC wires are also attached.
Ok guys...I dunno what to else to update, its already 2.20am Tuesday. Think I better try to get some sleep. Hope I'm able to........ ZZzzzzZZzzzzZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzz

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Work In Progress - Day 2

Its a brand new day, but its looks like I wont be able to continue with the work at hand. However, lucky for me there's a friend willing to continue with buiding up the cage.

There's a friendly Silat Olahraga match between my silat association (Per. Silat Seni Golok N. Johor) & Pencak Silat Seligi Tunggal. The good thing is, the match is in the neighbourhood so I'll be able to check on the progress from time to time.

Lets take a look at today's progress......

Its around 6pm & I just came back from the friendly game. Hey guess what....? We won the game.. woohoo! And I'm proud of the kids. Alhamdulillah Syukur....
I can see that my friend managed to install the BRC wire for the floor & roof of the cage on the 2 storey rabbit cage. As you guys can see, there's to types/colours of BRC wires. The silver ordinary colour is for the roofs & walls, while the green (PVC coated) is for the floors of the cages. Thats a good thing. He did a great job. Cool...!!

Its gonna be Monday tomorrow, I'll only be a round till around 11.30am to do the job coz gotta go to work of course. Its a good thing that I'm self-employed. Well, I think thats about it for the day. Just wait what tomorrow brings.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Work In Progress - Day 1

Woke up early today, well sort of .... (but still 8.30am can still be considered early whattt!! come on gimme a break). I'm very excited. Anyway, had breakfast and waits for 'The Crew'. Managed to start work about 9.30am. So far things was going smoothly....lets take a look at the work progress, shall we?

Hey..! Its nearly 1pm already! Wow time sure flies when you're having fun..... It looks like its lunch time now. So I guess we'll just have to take a break now. Hmm...wonder what is for lunch today? Work will resume after lunch.
Well..this is what we managed to finish for today... Tomorrow is another day!

A New Chapter Begins


Finally....after weeks of doing research & budget costing, I managed to get all the materials for my rabbitry project.... all the different sizes of woods, BRC wires (galvanised & PVC coated) for the cage, hinges, the roof, the plywoods and...oh yeah! dont forget the nails to joint them up....LOL!

Tomorrow morning, works will start & I'm really looking forward to get my hands dirty. Its gonna take about a week building the shack, the hutch or cages...what ever you wanna call it.... but for now, I'm just relaxing & doing some planning for tomorrow. Hey..! wait a minute....! Its today already...... lalalalala!!