Monday, October 12, 2009

2 Death In One Day

Today Oct. 12th (9.30am), one of Lola's kits..the dark gray one, (havent got a chance to named it yet) was found lying helpless on the floor of its cage. It just barely breathing and the lower part of the body was wet. There was nothing much I can do to save it. My assumption was that maybe while drinking from the bowl, he got suffocated in some way. So sad.... wish I was there to save it. It will be 1 month old in two days which is Oct. 14th. 

One of Lola's

The other was one of Lily's, the smallest & skinniest of the litter due to lack of milk from the mummy. I came home at 4.45pm and already planned to milk it manually later in the day actually but unfortunately I was too late. Anyway, I just have to accept the fact that they're both gone for good. All I have to do now is to take good care of the other 5 in the bunch so that they'll grow up healthy.

One of Lily's.

Please Ya Allah, let the rest survive & grow up healthy.

~ Amin ~

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