Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kelahiran Pertama - Rock n Roll Bunnies Originals


Last night while attending to the bunnies.... doing a bit of cleaning and feeding, Lola which due date will be on September 22nd, suddenly started to pulls out her furs. She was pulling from her right and from her left. I've been observing her for quite awhile already and decided to put in the nest box complete with newspaper shreads and some dried grass just as a precaution. Better safe than sorry..............hahaha!!

Lola then started to re-arranged her nest by sorting out the newpaper shreads and dried grass. Soon after that, she's out and again pulling off her furs from all around her, as far as her mouth were able to reach. A minute later, she'll be back in the nest box...... Its been going on like that for about 5 minutes but suddenly at around 11pm while she was back in the box, it took her a longer time to be in there. Instantly, I started to get curious & suspicious.... It could be that she's going to give birth. So I sneaked to her slowly & quietly.."tip toeing", YES....... I was right!!! Lola just gave birth to 2 litters..woohoo!! Syukur Alhamdulillah........

She had given birth a week earlier than her expecting date. Its ok as long as the litters are healthy. But one thing that interest me was that Gothic (Lola's mate) seems to know that he's going to be a daddy....Yes, its true. The reason was that when Lola was in the box to deliver her litter, Gothic was stomping his hind legs for a few times....weird aint it? Itulah salah satu tanda kebesaran Allah!!!

Semalam merupakan malam yang bersejarah buat kami di RnRB. Sesuatu keajaiban & tanda kebesaran Allah telah berlaku di sini. Dan Led harap lebih banyak lagi akan dapat dihasilkan di rabbitry kami. Ini merupakan satu permulaan yang baik yang dapat membantu kami di RnRB dan memberikan kami satu motivasi untuk lebih giat menjalankan usaha penternakan arnab di daerah Johor Bahru. Harap-harap litters yang baru lahir ni dapat membesar dengan baik. Kami di RnRB amat menghargai sokongan keluarga, rakan-rakan dan tidak ketinggalan juga rakan-rakan penternak seluruh Malaysia. Trimakasih.

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