Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Finally A Time to Update

Hi again, Phew...! Finally I got time to update this so called blog of mine. A lot been happening for the last couple of weeks. The good & the bad...

Before I go on, I would like to wish you all... my friends & relatives "Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak" hope its not too late.

Anyway, like I said, a lot been happening. As you all know, I was hoping that Ariel would give birth on 30th August 2009 which is yesterday....unfortunately I was wrong. I was hoping too much even I sensed that its not gonna happen. Actually, what happened was Ariel had a miscarrieged on August 16th. A litter was born dead. Its already developing itself. I can see all the limbs, the four legs, the nose, tail.... All this happened due to Ariel's diarrhea problem. Yes, she had diarrhea about a week after her pregnancy. Took her to the Vet for treatment. Given her medication for diarrhea everyday. Then, the miscarrieged. Soon after that, she had become so skinny and don't seem to be eating well..... She had depression and still the diarrhea. Had to give her some vitamins to help her coupe with the problem. I was really worried for her well-being. She needed more attention than the others. Then about 4 days later, the diarrhea & the depression is cured. I can start to smile again. I felt so relief and it was a good feeling too. I'm really glad that she's O.K. now and managed to regain her weight. Since she's not going to give birth now, I guess the best thing to do is to let her rest for 2 weeks and will start to breed her again. Hope everything will go well the next time. By the way, I sold of Dolly & 2 of her litters back to the previous owner. According to them, they just want her back coz' of sentimental reasons.... So reluctantly, I had to return them back.

Ahh yes..! A good thing happened at the same time while I was attending to Ariel illness. I went to Simpang Renggam with my friend Rahim, (who is also into bunnies) to meet up with another breeder friend there. Brother Din of Che Dak Farmhouse was kind enough to show us around his rabbitry. He had some nice bunnies collection, that I must say. Actually, the reason we went there was for me to get myself a new buck for my rabbitry & at the same time for "silatturrahim" as well. there's no harm in making friends. What I found out is that Din was a friendly approachable good guy and does not a stingy kind. Wish him all the best and I hope that we can be good friends. I managed to get a seven (7) months old "Cross English Spot" buck for my collection. It was a healthy buck inspite of the "kurap" problem... But the problem had been treated by Din. So after I brought the buck home, I named it "Gothic" due to the black eye-liner around his eyes (part of a criteria in English Spot). A few days later, which was on Aug 23rd, I mated Gothic to Lola. Will be expecting on Hari Raya....!! hahaha!! This will be Lola's first babies... Can't wait till it happens.
* Gothic trying to 'seduce' Lola...hehehe!

And you know what guys....? Me and Rahim, we went back to Che Dak Farmhouse on the August 29th. This time, I'm brought home a seven (7) months old also "Cross English Spot" doe with 2, a month old litters. The litters was a result of a Cross English Spot and a Cross Lion Head. My kids loves the litters very much and so does my wife, Sofie. The litters have got very soft fur, one of them have both criteria like the parents... black ears & black eye-liner (like the mother) and long hair around the cheek & forehead (like the father), while the other have got a very nice hair around the cheek & forehead too, it has grey & white furs.
*The two babies

I think thats about it for now, its kinda late already. So I should be getting some sleep now since it s gonna be busy days again now that the school are openning after a week of school holidays.


  1. eye liner yg tak tahan tu hohoho! nasib baik takde spike. rock the rabbit!

  2. hey Nadia... what can i say, they're my rock n roll bunnies!!! Rock On!

  3. cute babies you have here. i think your english spot bunny is actually a hotot bunny. try research.