Friday, January 1, 2010

Hope And Aspiration

Hi again everyone....friends, readers & followers (if I have any...hehehe) its been quite awhile since I really wrote & posted a journal in this so called blog of mine. So tonight on this ospicious occassion, the eve of 2010, I'm taking the time to reminisce on what I've gone through this past year. All of the goods & the bads.

The Past, The Present & The Future

A year pass by in a blink of an eye. A lot been happening in the year 2009. I've been thru tough times & probably still am, unfortunately. After failing in trying to breed leeches which was a scam the way I see it. Its really hard trying to coupe with the current economic situation.

However life has to go on whether we like it or not. Each time I wake up in the morning til staying up late in the wee hours. The more I think about it, the more worry I am about this blurry future. Especially about surviving in today's challenging world. The fact of raising my kids, to give them a good life, a good education and also about giving them a wonderful childhood experience so as to groom them to become a responsible, caring & all the good things in a person.

Part of the effort in grooming them is the rabbitry project itself beside trying to earn some side income in order to support the growing needs & the daily necessities. I do hope that by giving them part of the responsibilities in assisting me with the routine chores, will help them to discipline themselves, be a more loving and caring individuals towards others and other living things as well.

So, with the informations I've gathered from the other breeders nationwide and a gruelling time in raising up the funds for the project, I'm proud to say that "Rock n' Roll Bunnies" is now up & running since August 2009. At first (like others), we also had some bad experiences due to a few deaths a long the way caused by dietry problems and illnesses. The deaths did effect us emotionally and mentally. It can really mess up the mind if you're not ready to handle & solve the problems at hand and take it as a minor set back.

Cash were flowing like water in maintaining the rabbitry for purchasing foods, visiting the Vet & medications, as well as getting new and more exotic stocks too. These can be very costly and requires a lot of mental & financial endurance. With Allah's will, we had managed to go through the ordeals with open heart and open mind. Alhamdulillah praised be to ALLAH the Almighty. With tender loving care, being persistence and lots of patience especially, bit by bit here at RnRB we are on the right track INSYAALLAH, in producing quality rabbits with proper recording system for pedigree and family tree tracking.

On November 22nd 2009, a meeting was held by small scale breeders nationwide to join forces and unite as one under an organisation in order to best gain support and assistance from the authorised government bodies, to protect the welfares of rabbit breeders and other matters concerning rabbit breeding. As a result, Malaysian Rabbit Productions Association (MyRPA) was born and Rock n Roll Bunnies are also a proud member of MyRPA.

Hope for the future

Now come 2010, we at RnRB will always do our best to maintain quality of our stock and products so as to safeguard the pedigree and authenticity of our rabbits.  On saying this, for sure there will be a lot of hardwork to be done and sacrifices to be made in term of energy, time & finance. We really do hope that with the assistance and guidance from newly organised MyRPA, RnRB will manage to survive, succeed and prosper in this industry with healthy competition from other breeders.

Hopefully, in the short years to come RnRB will be able to fullfill its dreams to shift and expand the rabbitry project to a small piece of land also located in Kempas, Johor Bahru for better and more systematic breeding method. However, this will need more than just energy and effort, the main concern is the financial capability to set up a new and systematic rabbitry.

So 2010, we welcome you with open arms, heart & soul and trully hope that you will bring a bright future for rabbit breeders in Malaysia generally and to us RnRB especially. We will try our best to confront the challenges that you have in stored for us. And may ALLAH guides us. Amin....

To all my breeder friends, LZ wishes you all a very productive and prosperous
Happy 2010 New Year!!!


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