Friday, April 23, 2010

Peristiwa-peristiwa sepanjang bulan Mac & April (update 3)

One step after another & one thing at a time....

Once again LZ is keeping busy since four of the does wasn't producing (kindle). Accept for Estelle which kindled on April 9th, giving birth to 7 cute bunnies but unfortunately 1 died. This is due to the fact that the baby was lying on the wet ground after birth maybe it fell off the cage. The other 6 babies are 2 weeks old now. However for the 3 Lionhead does, 1 Dwarf Hotot & 1 Cashmere Lop were re-bred and expect to kindle sometime mid May.

These belongs to Estelle when they were only 10days old. Even eyes are not openned yet...

So LZ is finding other thing to do. Such as...... Ah yes! Time to package the rabbit compost. Yea...the compost that was made since the 1st time the rabbitry project started which was in August 2009. Actually the compost were ready to be packed quite sometime ago. Its just the timing wasn't right... We had it tested, yes tested... We gave out some of the compost to neighbours that love to plants flowers in their front lawn as hobbies. Now it is proven to be very good for the plants. So far we managed to pack up to 42 packets of rabbit compost with the weight of 2kg per bagR&RB plans to sell them for the price of RM10/= each. Actually LZ is having a bit of a problem to decide on the price tag... When browsing thru the net to check on the market price of rabbit compost. What LZ found out was that some are expensive selling at RM4/= for a mere 400gm bag while some are very affordable at the price of RM4/= per/kg. See how far is the difference? So after giving it much taugths, LZ decide to play safe and plans to sell at the above proposed price which is RM10/= for a 2kg plastic bag.

Now we are planning to proceed with the 2nd run of producing more rabbit compost as the source for raw materials are very easily obtained. As a matter of facts, the 1st step of making compost which is to dry the rabbits dropping are already taken place.

Here are pictures of the packed compost & the label that is still on the "drawing board" to be finalised & ordered soon. 

That's it for now as LZ already ran out of ideas to write some more & hope to bring more updates for you guys.....


  1. salam bro,

    saya berminat untuk dapatkan baka2 lionhead dan lop ? boleh tau jantina dan stok yg ada. thanks

  2. harap tinggalkan no telipon untuk saya hubungi...terimakasih.