Friday, July 30, 2010

Birth update for 1st half of 2010


Its nearly end of July now, this is a half yearly birth report. So far we at R&RB had a few birth. However, there were some minor setback. Unfortunately, my Lionheads are not reproducing except for Princess but still its the one & only birth so far. The birth was on January 3rd, and only one out of three kits survived. It was posted early this year.

Attempts to rebred the Lionheads were conduct but no cooperations are given by any of the does at the time. Amooi & Tigress are not excluded.

The Kindling

I assume they are doing quite well.

The first to kindle would be Estelle. So far she had given birth twice this year, the first was on April 9th, 7 kits were born but one did not survive. The other six grew up well & consist of 3 bucks & 3 does. Four were sold. The second birth was recently which is on July 13th, this time its only 3 in a litter. They are 2 weeks old by now. Hope the three kits would grow up healthy.
Estelle, an example of a good dam/mother.

Kindled 09/07/2010 @ 1 month old.
Kindled 13/07/2010 @ 2 weeks old.

On May 13th, its Cindy's turn. She kindled four, This was her first litter. We were all so happy but our happiness did not last. Non of her kits survive the first 10 days. One by one died due to unknown reasons. The possibility was that there might be infections from Cindy's milk. Reason being, after giving birth to the litter, she had become unwell & loosing her appetite. She looks depressed, inactive & skinny. There were times mucous like substance can be found together with her droppings. Could it be COXIDIOSIS? Actions were taken to prevent & cure her before things get a lot worst. Medications & suppliments were given to Cindy. She was kept under close observation. Fortunately, she's getting better & possibilities are she might be pregnant again & will be expecting on August 6th. Wish us luck.

Cindy Lopper
Sadly non survive.


June 11th, Muffin too had her first litter. 2 whites (a pair), 1 black (a buck, sold & to be claimed after weanig) and 1 brown (a doe, like her), the kits are 6 weeks old now. Healthy, eats a lot & very active. However the ears are not fully lop yet. As for Muffin, she will be expecting again on August 28th.
Muffin's first litter.


May 4th, Hamsy a crossed Lionhead given birth to her first litter. There were 2 kits. Both were sold on June 26th & 27th.
Hamsy stretching.
Banshee, sold on 27/07/2010
Dusk, sold on 26/06/2010


 Then there is this one doe, Lita a hydrid. Kinda huge for her age. Exact birthdate unknown. I bought her from a breeder here in Johore. I was told that she used to be in Uncle Teng's (of Kluang) herd. Its a possibility that she was a product between a giant breed & some other breed. She too had her chance to do her bid for us.

On July 26th, a kit was born but did not make thru the day. I was dissapointed actually. This is due to the fact that Lita's tummy is really big not to mention her size. I honestly expects that she would kindle atleast 5 kits. The nest box were not taken out as I'm pretty certain that she is going to deliver a few more in due time.

Hence, I was right! the next day which is July 27th, (maybe sometime at dawn) Lita gave birth to 4 more kits. I found out at around 7.30 am when me & my daughter was about to do our routine chores. They seem to be smaller than the average new borns but thats O.K. since my 'psychic preminition' were correct! haha... Lita really amazed me. Without notice. sometime between 6pm and 9pm on the same day. she delivered another 2 kits. I really did not expect it this time. So now, there are 6 kits in the litter. Grow up healthy, please...............

Liea kindling

Born & died on the same day
25th July 2010

6 kindled on 26/07/2010.

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