Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Attempt To Compost

Its 8.45am Tuesday, just came back from sending Ira to kindergarten. As usual, have to do some cleaning on the bunny cages, clearing up & collecting the manure, feeding the bunnies too. All this has become routine for me & Fiqa now. Its already been a week since we started the chores. Fiqa still learning on how to take care of our new family members.

As for today I've got other plans beside doing the usual thing. Its time to try something new, making Bunny Compost. After browsing thru the internet on how to produce or manufacture compost from rabbits manure, I finally gonna give it a go! I already made the compost bin yesterday from an unused about 2 feet high container (with lid of course), but the lid is kinda spoiled need to do some repairing. Anyway, drilled some holes at the bottom of the bucket and also some on the lower side of it. Not forgetting the lid too. I also made a small door on the lower side of the bin for easy collection.

I started of with some newspaper shread for the base of the compost then for the 2nd layer, I filled about a quarter of the bin with partly damp soil. Now for the 3rd layer, here comes the main ingredient...the bunny manure. I dont even know how much rabbit's poo I added. On top of it some green wet grass, about a plastic bag full...followed by a few handfull of dried & leaves dried grass. Finally the wet grass again and a bit more of soil to top it all. Sprinkled some water to make the ingredients damp like a sponge. Its done. To cover it all... I used a plastic, tightened it & tie it up with wire. Punched a few holes for the aeration. This is just temporary till I fixed the lid of the bin. The extra space is for me to add in more poo or other things.

Am I doing it right guys? So now, in a week time I'll have to open it up and mixed all the ingredients & also turn the bin upside down for better blending. Hope it works! Wish me luck guys.........!!

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