Saturday, August 1, 2009

Getting To Know Them

Hmm...its been two days since my last posting. Anything new? Well, I think there is.... A sad thing happened the other day. One of Dolly's litter died, it was the weakest one.... it was so weak & very skinny. Tried to get the litter to milk on Dolly's but it seems like the will is gone. My kids were sad when they heard about the news. As for me, it was a lost, the litter died in my hand while I was holding it. Tragic. Wish that it could've lived a little bit longer though. Anyway, life has to gone on. I've to take good care of the others, they are my precious.
Today, I found out something new about my little precious. Its their personal characters.... Lets take Ariel, what I've noticed about her today is that...well, u can say that she's kinda "manja". Yes, wanna know why? Its because whenever I'm not around, she will eat & finish her food. But when it is refill or added, she doesnt seems to bother. Take the vegetables or the hay... She would prefer to be hand fed rather than doing it on her own. When I leave her for awhile she will continue eating for just a short while then she'll be relaxing waiting for me to come back & feed her. huhu...!! She is one spoiled bunny that's looking for attention.
As for Dolly, being a mummy is making her a bit tired I guess but she eats well. That's a good thing so that she will recover her energy fast enough. The three litters have been given names, the plump active one is called Snowy due to the all white fur (actually all of 'em have all white furs) then there is Winky, due to the fact that the right eye seems to opens a bit smaller than the left. Its like the baby bunny is winking at you...cute!. The third one is called Pochi, named after a character of a baby dragon in one of Japanese Anime series...(but I cant recall the name of the series). The name was given by someone that is very dear to me. By the way, the smallest litter in the bunch (belongs to Ariel, its the only 1 she has after the rest died or being eaten by scavenging cats at the previous owner's house) is also been given a name. The name is Tiny, reason being it is the tiniest one in the house.
Who's next? Ah yes...Lola the 2 months old doe. She's very active & always looks cute with her pretty eye lashes, The name Lola suits her well. Always eager to explore & discover. Each time I approaches her, she'll be ready to greet me...such a sweet girl she is. Likes to run around in her small cell.... Its seems like I've to get their playground ready soon. So they'll be free to run around, jump & roam (or do whatever they wish) in the playground.
Last but not least..LEO the dominant male in the bunch. He's nice, like to be stroked and padded. Leo is my favourite since I dont have a son. He can also be 'a pain in the butt' too sometimes...when he's showing off his temper I think. I caught him flipping the pellet tray a few times....and all the pellets were scattered. You better watch out Leo!
Ah...another thing, I mated Ariel & Leo. I know..... I suppose to do it on Saturday but as the saying goes..."God works in mysterious ways" Maybe there's a good in that...I hope. The 1st attempt was in the morning at around 10.30 am & the 2nd attempt was at 5pm after I came home from work. Hope everything goes well. Started counting the days to due date. Will check on her progress from time to time. All I need to do now is provide her with good nutricious food espcially hay.
My next plan now is to get me or make myself a compost bin so that I'll be able to manufacture quality Rabbit Compost.

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