Friday, August 7, 2009

Snowy Is On The Moon Now

It is a sad day today... a very sad day.

In the morning while I was about to do the routine chores attending to the bunnies.... I found out that Snowy was lying quietly. As I picked him up, I noticed that he had lost some weight overnight and became skinny! Snowy was chubbiest of the three sibblings. That's weird. The worst thing was that his two hind legs have somehow become useless and he's unable to stand properly in the normal rabbit's way. I was really shocked. As for the other two litters, they are doing O.K.

Straight away I asked my daughter Fika to help me with cleaning the cages, feeding the others and also in collecting the manure as fast as we could. I told Fika to get shower quickly as I wanted her to accompany me to the Vet.

We drove to the the Vet as soon as possible but the traffic was like S**T! I can sense something bad is going to happen... Finally, when we got to the Vet, Snowy was pronounced dead. It was a tragic day for us.

When we reached home, me & Fika went straight to the rabbitry to check on the other two litters, luckily there's nothing wrong with them. Suddenly while inspecting the litters, Fika burst into tears..... She told me that when looking at the other two, reminded her of Snowy. Thats the reason why she cried. Fika had become fond of Snowy since he came into our lives. I was also touched by her love for Snowy. As for me personally, I'm really sadden by the incident. I really do felt the lost of Snowy like losing another family member.

Tonite, I'm gonna gather my kids to take a few minutes to gaze at the moon in memory of Snowy..... Innalillah..

May You Rest In Peace Snowy, We all loves You.

I dedicate this song "Stairways To Heaven" to our dearest Snowy.

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