Monday, July 27, 2009

Work In Progress - Day 8 (Completed Shack)

Yeah...!! Its Sunday, just a few more addtional accessories for the shack. Gonna install the black plastic net as the wall of the shack and also the 2"x 2" (4 feet high) galvanised wire mesh which will act as an additional protection against any unwelcomed "guests"..... Works started at around 10.30am with help from the kids.....Fiqa, Fina & Ira (as for Ira, well ntah ape yg die bley tlg pun aku x tau...hehehe!) Atleast she can helps to keep LEO & LOLA company. Yes, Leo & Lola our 1st pair of "rock & roll bunnies". I brought them home yesterday. I'll tell more about them later...

I've managed to finish the job at about 6pm, but unfortunately I'm not able to complete it today due to some certain matters (hope Anik can help get it done tomorrow). Just a few more feet to put up the plastic netting and the wire mesh. Last but not least...the enterance 'gate'. When the so called gate is installed......The shack will be completely done!

The shack with plastic netting...

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