Thursday, July 23, 2009

Work In Progress - Day 5 (The cage is done)

Hey hey..!! its day 5, which means today is the day that the cage will be done & ready for it's "tenants". But like I said, will only bring in the bunnies (rock & roll bunnies, that is!) once the shack that covers the cages are completed. So the bunnies will have better & proper protection from the rain & ofcourse the scorching heat from the sun.

Btw, for those whose been visiting this blog (blog yg x sepertinyer ni.. hehe!), such as : deHan2, Artnab, Ery Clunx, LebaiCute & others.... thanks a lot for your comments guys!! Assalammualaikum & Salam perkenalan dari orang Johor.
So back to where we were....lets see the finished product, 12 units, 2 storey bunny condo called "Villa Rock Pellets" (bole ke name tu?! huahuahua!!).
Condo konon..! klu apartment ok la kot.... (size per cell is only 2.5 x 1.5 x 1.5)

The work on the shack will start tomorrow Friday July 24th..... Updates coming up!! Wait for it.


  1. At least u have a Villa now.. although it's just for bunnies..nak jadi ur bunny la :) I'm proud of u dear..