Sunday, July 19, 2009

Work In Progress - Day 2

Its a brand new day, but its looks like I wont be able to continue with the work at hand. However, lucky for me there's a friend willing to continue with buiding up the cage.

There's a friendly Silat Olahraga match between my silat association (Per. Silat Seni Golok N. Johor) & Pencak Silat Seligi Tunggal. The good thing is, the match is in the neighbourhood so I'll be able to check on the progress from time to time.

Lets take a look at today's progress......

Its around 6pm & I just came back from the friendly game. Hey guess what....? We won the game.. woohoo! And I'm proud of the kids. Alhamdulillah Syukur....
I can see that my friend managed to install the BRC wire for the floor & roof of the cage on the 2 storey rabbit cage. As you guys can see, there's to types/colours of BRC wires. The silver ordinary colour is for the roofs & walls, while the green (PVC coated) is for the floors of the cages. Thats a good thing. He did a great job. Cool...!!

Its gonna be Monday tomorrow, I'll only be a round till around 11.30am to do the job coz gotta go to work of course. Its a good thing that I'm self-employed. Well, I think thats about it for the day. Just wait what tomorrow brings.

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  1. Hmm..the cage more taller than u if i'm not mistaken. Hehehe..