Sunday, July 26, 2009

Work In Progress - Day 7

I woke up at 6.30am today, send the mrs to home and then woke up 2 of my daughters Fiqa & Fina. They promised me lastnite that they're going to help me to do some chores today.

We started by cleaning up an unused water tank (as a storage for the rabbit feed or pellet). While the kids are doing the cleaning, I took the time to make 12 pcs of plywood plank to be install inside the cells for the bunnies to lay their fragile body. At about 9am, me & Fina went to the shop where I previously purchased the roof to inform them about the problem at hand & to exchange them according to specification. I've mentioned about the problem with the roofing in my previous post yesterday. At the same time, I ordered a sack of cement & a yard of grinded sands to hold & keep the pillars in place.

Now come to the exciting part, which is to pick up our very 1st pair of rock & roll bunnies from an individual pet lover. I've already made an arrangement with the owner a few weeks earlier that I'm interested to buy a pair from her. Its was a Domestic Short Hair (DSH) a.k.a local breed rabbits.
Called her up earlier this morning that I'm coming over today to pick them up.We arrived at her place at around 9.45am, and guess what? I was caught by surprise.... The promised doe had given birth to 8 litters about a week earlier!!! Damn! I should've pick 'em up a lot sooner..... Unfortunately now, the doe is not for sale. So the only thing to do is to get a different one, for that I've chosen a 2 months old doe & a 4 months old buck as our new family members.

We were back at home by 10.45am, just in time to wait for the goods to arrive. The supplier promised that they'll send over the materials by 11am like what I requested and they lorry driver did arrive around that time. I called up Anik (the friend I hired to build the shack for me), to let him know that he and his "crew" will be able to continue with the construction of the said shack.

Now back to the unfinished chores. Wait a second...! did I mentioned that me & Fina were welcomed home by Fiqa & Ira ( my 5 yrs old daughter)?, they were waiting for us anxiously to get their hands on the bunnies. What a joy to have seen them smile excitedly when they first lay their eyes on the bunnies. Ira was so excited that she starts to get hyper....LOL!

However, there are still things need to be done.... the washed unused water tank is now dry but need some repairs. There are three holes on it, one is on the floor and 2 on the side of the tank. What I need to do is to cover up the holes so that nothing will be able to sneak in especially the mice and rats...... I've used 8 pieces of vinyl material, 3 to cover for the inside, and from the outside of the tank. I got the job done & shifted it to the back of the house as a storage compartment for the pellets.

I'm sure that you guys are bored with the details.... hahahaha! What do I care?! Okay la...just kidding around. So underneath as usual are the photos I've taken today. Alhamdulillah it is now bulit.

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