Thursday, July 23, 2009

Work In Progress - Day 4

July 22nd 2009 - It was raining (drizzling, i mean) since around 8.00am and I thought that my friend Wak Dar will not be coming over to continue with building the hutch. Guess what? I was wrong....he showed up at the door about 8.45am. We chattered for awhile on what to do. Well basicly, just to continue with what was the last thing that was done the day before.
First is to fix the wire partition for the cells on the upper level, then to make the doors & put them on the cells. Hope we'll managed to finish all the doors today.

Even though it was raining, we kept on with our plan to finish the job. At around 10am the rain stopped and what a relief for us. Finishing up with the partition like what was planned.
Making the doors was quite a bit fussy in order for the doors to fix properly onto the frames... measurements needs to be done on each cell. Noon time, stopped for a break....lunch & solat.
At the end of the day, only 8 doors were able to be attached, while 4 had to be done tomorrow. I'm so excited coz tomorrow the cage will be ready for its tennants once the poo slide are attached. (Take a look at the photos, cool huh?!)
But not so soon, because the works to builds the shack to shades the cages will only starts on Friday.

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