Friday, July 24, 2009

Work In Progress - Day 6 (The Shack)

The first part of the rabbitry project is completed which is making the rabbit hutch. I do find the cages to be quite nice actually. Now come the second part which is to build the shack. For this part, I've engaged a carpenter to finish the job. The carpenter I hired is Anik, who is also a friend.

Anik came by at around 9.30am today due to the rain. Yeah, the rain almost down my spirit a bit because I'm afraid that Anik wont be able to start today. Fortunately, it stopped at about 9 am, thank You Allah... When Anik came, I thought he'll be alone but he came with two other guys.
After making a few measurement here and there, they start to dig some holes for the pillars, cutting the woods, hammering...etc, etc.. The best part to see them at work is that they were laughing & joking around with one another. That's O.K with me, as long as they're doing their job right. One by one pillars for the shack were positioned to its place. Since today is a Friday, they took a break at around 12noon to clean up & get ready for Friday prayer and definitely for lunch. Work will resume after prayers at around 2.30pm. Same goes with me, I too have to go for Friday prayer right after I send my daughter Fiqa to school.

I got home from the mosque at about 10 minutes before 2pm, had my lunch and have a rest. Approximately at 2.30pm the crew came to continue with what was left earlier. Works was going smoothly and I really thought that they might be able to finish it today. Cool...!

Suddenly, while I was on the phone with a friend, I was called by Anik. So I went to see him, to see what its all about. Anik told me that there's a problem with the roof. They noticed that the roof of different lenght (7 feet & 8 feet) wont be able to be joint nicely due to alignment on are not of the same size. Honestly, I was a bit frustrated with that. The only thing to do is to call up the supplier and get them to changed the roof with the same kind. And so I did.... However the supplier can only deliver them tomorrow since its already quite late (nearly 5pm). Just what I dont need...a setback! As for Anik & friends, they only able to continue with what ever can be done at the time. By 6pm, they stopped and went home.

Here are the photos of what they managed to do today..................

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